Where To Get Great Prices On Stand Up Paddle Boards

Most of us have seen people in tropical places like Hawaii standing up on paddle boards. This is something that is done, not just in the tropics, but anywhere where people love to serve or be on the water. If you traveled to the cold waters of Lake Tahoe, or if you travel down south to San Diego, you are going to see people paddling around standing on these boards. Let’s look at how this industry began, and then where you can find the best prices on stand up paddle boards currently available on the web.

What Is Paddle Boarding?

This is a sport that was developed in Hawaii. It was first documented by Capt. James Cook. During his travels there, he also witnessed people that were surfing. This is likely the origin of this activity. Over the years, paddle boards have been modified. They have become much shorter, and are made of materials other than wood. This is a sport that requires balance, and depending upon the paddleboard that you choose to begin with, this can have a large effect on how quickly you are able to become proficient standing on this board as you paddle across the water.

Where To Get Great Prices On Stand Up Paddle Boards

What Are Some Of The Top Paddleboards?

There are many companies that you have probably heard about if you know a little bit about paddle boarding. Some of the top manufacturers include Tower Paddle Boards, Starboard, Fanatic, Red Paddle, and Riviera. These are all made in a similar way. Stand Up Paddleboards or SUPs cost several hundred dollars apiece. You can get entire kits, ones that will allow you to get right into the sport once it is delivered. These paddleboards are now made of fiberglass material, and it will come with a glass fiber paddle, leash, pump, and a repair kit.

Where To Get The Best Deals

You can get excellent deals on some of the top models from companies like Xterra, SUP ATX and Naish by searching on websites like Amazon, or specialty Kona Boards stand up paddle boards that specifically have paddleboard for sale. You may even see two-for-one deals, allowing you to get one so that you and your significant other can use your paddleboard out on the open water. They may also run specials from time to time. You will be able to save a substantial amount of money by waiting for sales from companies that sell some of the top models like Yolo Board and BOGA. If you subscribe to the newsletter on their main website, they may even send you special offers that are not advertised.

Now that you know how to find excellent deals on paddleboards, you may want to consider finally owning one. These are a great way to get exercise, and if you ever do go to a place like Hawaii, you can rent a paddleboard and will know exactly what you are doing. If you happen to live close to a large body of water where you can practice, you should consider buying one today. Follow these suggestions to get excellent deals on paddleboard’s currently available from one of the leading manufacturers.